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Medicare or Medigap Supplemental Insurance Plans

See Medicare supplemental insurance plans and rates from all the major health insurance companies Instantly. Compare and choose the Medicare supplemental health insurance plan that’s best for you.

Medicare supplement insurance plans, also known as “Medigap” insurance can be purchased from private Medicare health insurance companies. These plans do exactly what they sound like, they provide you with insurance that supplements your existing Medicare health insurance.

Medigap insurance helps to cover some of the additional costs of your medical care by filling in the “gaps” not covered by your existing Medicare. In some Medigap plans, this may include items most people might not expect to pay for themselves, such as deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payments.

Because the only distinctions between the same Medicare supplement insurance plan sold by different insurance companies is cost, it’s up to you to carefully compare the varying benefits of the different Medicare supplement insurance plans.

Choosing the right Medigap insurance plan may be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Let us help you!

What you should know about Medicare Supplement Insurance

You likely already know about Medicare’s 80/20 split, where you pay 20 percent of your medical bills and Medicare pays the rest up to 80 percent. For those that signed up for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B that includes hospital visits, lab work, and visits to your doctor.

If you only have basic Medicare insurance to pay your medical bills, the costs for your health care could add up quickly. Many people choose a Medicare Supplement insurance policy because they simply can’t afford to pay for the gaps in their Medicare coverage.

By choosing the right Medicare supplemental insurance, you could end up paying $0 for a $100 visit to the doctor. Choosing the right Medigap insurance plan can mean your out-of-pocket cost for co-insurance, co-payment or a deductible completely goes away.

We provide Medicare insurance plan rates online, making it easy to compare medicare health insurance plans and rates. Get Medicare Supplemental health insurance quotes instantly. Just click on the insurance type above and enter your zip code to start.

The Benefits of Medigap Supplemental Insurance

What’s The best part of having a supplemental Medicare insurance plan? Well, it may that as long as a provider accepts Medicare, you can choose any doctor or any hospital in the United States to provide your health care.

Alternately, most Medicare Select and Medicare Advantage plans have network restrictions. Under those plans, your choices are limited to plan providers within an approved network. Even more surprisingly, many Medigap policies have very low or even zero out-of-pocket costs!

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Our highly trained licensed agents know all about Medicare supplement health insurance. They can help you through the confusing jungle of Medigap insurance plan information. With the help of our experienced agents, you make the important and vital decisions about choosing a Medicare supplemental plan that’s right for you. We’ve already helped many Medicare recipients just like you.

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