Medicare Advantage Changes For 2014

2014 is a time of major upheaval for Medicare Advantage. Many people who’ve been fairly satisfied on their programs for years, many of whom would prefer to stay loyal to their plans, are finding that 2014 will bring about a year of disappointing changes. This is because some of their most beloved programs, such as exercise programs, for instance, are being cut. This will lead to higher out of pocket expenses for those who still want to attend these beneficial health classes. Additionally, several other cutbacks have lead carriers such as AARP Medicare Advantage to drop doctors from their coverage networks as well.

Medicare Advantage Changes for 2014

This pattern of frustrating and disappointing cuts and network changes is likely to continue from 2014 onward, and has caused many people to look into MedicareSupplement Plans (Medigap) as a more beneficial alternative. This is due to the fact that once a cost-benefit analysis has been performed comparing Medicare Advantage versus the Medigap options available through private insurers, often times Medigap plans end up being more affordable, while offering more comprehensive benefits.

Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) offer their beneficiaries many attractive benefits:

Medigap Is Not Network-Dependent.

Medigap users have a wider choice in healthcare providers due to lack of restricted network. This means that users can see any doctor and visit any hospital they want, and can suit their choices with the hospital’s’ specialties. It also takes away the fear of high fees for visiting out-of-network facilities and physicians.

Medigap Users Do Not Need Referrals To See Specialists.

Users with Medicare Advantage Plans usually have to get a referral to see specialists such as endocrinologists, cardiologists, and dermatologists. However, Medigap users are not limited by this requirement; they have the freedom to see specialists for health concerns and prevention as they see fit.

Benefits Can’t Change From Year To Year.

Due to the nature of their funding, Medicare Advantage plans are vulnerable to governmental changes, which means their prices and benefits may change with little to no notice to the consumer. Medigap users can feel confident in their prices and benefits, as they’re less susceptible to these changes.

In this time of drastic cuts and skyrocketing prices, many people who initially anticipated long term adherence to their Medicare Advantage plans are coming to the conclusion that Medigap plans are simply a better fit. While some may appear to be more expensive upfront, they’re actually very useful, both for those insured with medical conditions, and for those who simply greater freedom of choice within their plan. These options can actually help save money in the long run.

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